Our work “WISER” is covered by many medias!

Our work “WISER” previously is accepted by ACM MobiCom’13, which is the top conference on wireless and mobile networking.

My advisor Prof. Minghua Chen presents this work in the conference and immediately attracts a lot of attention.

Currently “WISER” is covered in CUHK Press ReleaseNETWORK WORLD , TechNet , TechWorldAdvanced TelevisionCIO.comIDGCOMPUTERWORLDFierceBroadband WirelessTech Investor NewsRETHINK WIRELESSBroadcastEngineering and many other media outlets.

For your reference, I just show one report in Broadcast Engineering Magazine as below.

source: http://broadcastengineering.com/transmitters/new-technology-makes-identifying-white-space-spectrum-easier

WISER (White Space Indoor Spectrum Enhancer) is a new technology that improves indoor access to radio frequency spectrum that can improve reception performance of wireless technologies. WISER was developed by researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) andMicrosoft Corp.

The researchers claim WISER can identify 30 to 50 percent more white space spectrum than alternative methods, most of which have been designed for outdoor use. The project focused on analyzing indoor white spaces, a phrase for vacant VHF and UHF TV channels. They used algorithms and software, coupled with RF sensors, to create a system to identify and track this indoor spectrum. Some of that spectrum is congested while some frequencies are idle.

For more details, please refer to the source.


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